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    Compressed .swf Display Issue


      Hey guys,


      I recently created a simple Flash animation, and uploaded it HERE (deviantART stash). I hoped to upload an LZMA compressed version to reduce the file size and increase its loading speed.


      Problem: although the animation shows when you click the "download" button, it doesn't show on the main page.


      These are my publish settings:



      The UNCOMPRESSED animation shows up fine (uploaded HERE), but the file size is way too big and it loads way too slowly for me to work with.


      I realised that in the page source of the artwork's page, the compressed file shows the following code:

                    <iframe class="flashtime" src="http://sandbox.deviantart.com?fileheight=0&filewidth=0&filename=fs70%3Af%2F2014%2F218%2F6% 2F8%2Ffinalyeah_fixed_by_eresince-d7tyi43.swf"



                          frameborder="0" scrolling="no" noresize="noresize"></iframe>


      The height and width for the artwork displayed on the page is 0px x 0px, though its original dimension is 700px x 700px. This does NOT apply for the uncompressed file, which displays fine. I'm not sure if this says anything, just hope this helps a little.


      I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong (publish settings? actionscript coding?) Any sort of help that could help me solve this problem is much needed because I've been stumped for more than a week now, it's very frustrating.

      * Please note I cannot edit the website's page because this is not my site! Just an online art community.


      Thank you so much for your time!