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    How Can I Put Fields Into a Calendar Grid?


      Hello All


      I have a project that requires me to create a form in a calendar format.  Each day (or square) in the calendar will need drop-down menus in it with various times of the day from which the user can select.  Additionally, the user will need to input his name and email address at the top of the calendar.  This is a very simple matter if I create it as a PDF form (which I have done).  However, we want to try this as a WEB form.  It doesn't seem that formscentral offers tables in which you can put fields.  I looked for a way to use a .png image of the artwork as a background and just insert fields where needed, but this too seems to be not an option.  Originally, I thought that formscentral would take my fillable document and convert it to a web form, but the technology is obviously not there.  Thankfully, I'm on the 99 cent trial, so I can bail out if there is no way to accomplish the job of putting fields on a calendar grid.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  None of us can code in HTML.  I've put in an image to give a better idea of what it is we're after.