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    pagemaker 5 kannada


      Hi experts,


      I have a lot of old documents in pagemaker 5, which are in Kannada language (A South Indian language). Now I need to have them in PDF format. How can I do that? I tried opening them in pagemaker 7, but font is not at all readable. Also, I tried opening them in InDesign, but InDesign says it doesn't support pagemaker 5 documents. Kindly suggest me a workaround for this.


      Thank you.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you actually have the font available to you?

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            Shwetadk Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry, but I didn't get what exactly you meant by "font available". I guess you were asking if I have that font in my PC. Yes, I do have it. In fact when I tried to open the documents in pm7, it gives me a dialog box asking to choose the font, where I can see a font called "Tunga", which is a Kannada font. However when I select Tunga font, an unreadable document is the result.


            Edit: The dialog box that I was referring to, is actually the one that says some fonts are missing, and asks me to select which font must be used as substitutes for missing fonts. Here, I select "Tunga" font and still the document is unreadable. Am I missing something here?

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, I have no idea what font that is or if it's got some strange mapping.


              PM is about as ancient as you can get. I haven't even had it install for

              about 10 years so everything is on memory.


              What you could try is to save the document in PM 7 anyway, and then try to

              open it in InDesign CS6 or earlier.

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                Jay Chevako Level 3

                Pagemaker has a hard time with non-western languages due to its limited ability with fonts.  You need to track down the exact font used in the publication. Even a font with the same or a similar name may not work right, you need to get the right font and even the right version of the font.  As Bob said the mapping on your Tunga font is different from the fonts used in your pagemaker document. Check the names of the fonts in the "missing fonts" dialog box closely and try to track down the exact fonts.