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    Project Assets Window Gone




      Recently my Project Assets window has completely disappeared, when I click on that section the tab highlights but no window appears.


      Here is a screenshot with the window unselected:

      Capture 1.JPG

      Here is a screenshot with the window selected:

      Capture2 .JPG


      As you can see, the program appears to be aware that I have selected the tab, but no window, menu or settings appear beneath.  This has worked properly in the past (3 months ago when I worked on my last project).


      Here are what I believe are the relevant specs on my machine:

      Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 - updated with most current updates Capture.JPG

      Windows 7 Home Premiere 64 bit OS - Also updated with all updates from Windows Update

      Video Drivers - NVidia GEO 500, upgraded to the most current version as a troubleshooting step (no luck)


      Troubleshooting steps I have tried:

      1.  Deleted the preferences file as per several posts related to this topic.

      2.  Updating windows, video drivers, and premiere elements to the latest version.  (video drivers needed updates, everything else was already at the most current version)

      2.  Adding content in both Quick and Guided mode, then switched to Expert Mode and selected the tab

      3.  Uninstalled Premiere Elements entirely, then reinstalled.

      4.  Opened old project files where this had worked (now it doesn't)

      5.  Saved project with a new name.


      At this point I'm not entirely sure what else to try, any suggestions would be much appreciated.




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Open Premiere Elements 12/12.1 to the Expert workspace.


          Cascade Windows for the project and the computer desktop.


          Drag a computer desktop jpg photo from the desktop into an opened Video Track 1.


          Does Project Assets pop open containing a copy of the file that has been dragged to the Timeline?


          We will be watching for your progress.






          Add On...depending on the results, look into toggling the Pin Icon at the top right of Project Assets.

          To the right of the Panel Options Icon. But, work on the first suggestion first.

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            ibsfox Level 1

            Hello A.T.,


            Thanks for your reply, I tried the steps you outlined, the results from dragging a photo are identical to the second screen shot above (ie the project assets tab appears to be selected but the content of the window does not display).  I am not sure what you mean by toggling the Pin Icon at the top right of Project Assets, since the Project Assets windows doesn't display at all I am not able to adjust or select any setting that would normally be present.  Thanks again for your input, any other thoughts you have would be much appreciated.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I was thinking optimistically that Project Assets would open for you when you dropped the file from the desktop onto Video Track 1 of the opened project.

              With that Pin setting, you control whether Project Assets remains opened or closed once you drag media from it to the Timeline. When the background for the icon is grayish, then the Project Assets remains open after you drag a file from it to the Timeline Video Track. When the background for the icon is clean, then Project Assets closes after you drag a file from it to the Timeline Video Track.


              Be that as it may, have you found the answers that worked for N9JCR and CurtisCee 2014 in July 2014 in the following thread here. It looks like they also went through the usual troubleshooting drill on this issue before arriving at success.

              Re: Cannot see Project Assets Window


              Please let us know if any of that worked for you. Up to then, my drag and drop file into Video Track 1 met with good results.


              Looking forward to your results.





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                ibsfox Level 1

                Hello A.T.


                Thanks for your reply, I did see the post you linked to yesterday and tried all the steps in that post.  I still experience the same issues after opening an older project that used to work fine, and after saving a new copy of an existing project that I'm trying to start up.  I appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts, any other ideas?



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Please remind me...did you check out the problem with and without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?


                  Let us assume that you are working with damaged files. Let us try some new installation files. Have you been there and done that yet?


                  Go to the following web site and download and install the Premiere Elements 12 tryout. The essential here is to read and carry out to the word the "Note: Very Important Instructions" so that you do not get an Access Denied message. You can run the tryout as a tryout or insert your purchased serial number into it to make it your working copy.

                  Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools


                  Test Project Assets before and after you apply the 12.1 Update in this new download and install.


                  Looking forward to the outcome.





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                    ibsfox Level 1

                    Hello AT,


                    I did try this a couple of days ago before my original post, here were the steps I took:


                    1.  Completely uninstalled premiere elements

                    2.  Restarted my pc

                    3.  Reinstalled the 12.0 download

                    4.  Tested the project assets window (still broken)

                    5.  Installed the patch upgrade to 12.1

                    6. Retested the window (still broken).


                    I had not tried shutting off the anti-virus, so I did that now and started up the software, no changes.




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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Did you also disable the firewall(s)?


                      This is indeed challenging. I have not given up.


                      I am getting the impression that the issue may be in your computer and its registry.


                      How about this....go to the following website for the Premiere Elements 11 tryout download. Leave Premiere Elements 12 uninstalled, installed, does not matter. Just do not open it.

                      Photoshop Elements 11 Direct Download Links: Free Trials, Premiere | ProDesignTools


                      Then determine if the Project Assets issue exists in that Premiere Elements 11 tryout. Premiere Elements 11 and 12 are very similar and both have the Project Assets in its Expert workspace.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Any new developments in trying to get your Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Project Assets Palette to open?


                        If suggestions in post numbered 7 did not advance the cause, then I have two new troubleshooting avenues for your



                        Thought 1.....


                        1. Open a new project, go immediately to Tools Menu/Movie Menus and select the General/Fun disc menu theme. Hit Continue to open to the Movie Menu

                        Customization area. Look to the right to where you find "Menu Background" and underneath that Video or Still. Browse to and select a jpg for the main menu insert. Click Done to get out of the Movie Menu Customization area.


                        2. Click on Project Assets. Does it now open to reveal a copy of the jpg that you just inserted into the General/Fun disc menu theme's main menu?


                        Thought 1.....


                        1. Open Premiere Elements Expert workspace, click on Organizer Tab at bottom of the workspace to open the Elements Organizer workspace.

                        2, Then File Menu/Manage Catalogs/Catalog Manger and create a new catalog.

                        3. Go back to the Premiere Elements workspace and determine if Project Assets is now opening and closing as expected.


                        What may be done here also is to delete the Elements Organizer settings file...In the Elements Organizer workspace, Edit Menu/Preferences/General

                        and click on Restore Default Settings.


                        Please let us know the status of Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Project Assets.





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                          ibsfox Level 1

                          Hello A.T.


                          The real world (meaning kids soccer practice ) took priority last night so I wasn't able to work on this issue too much.  This evening I tried all the steps you outlined to no avail.  Here are my notes from each troubleshooting task:


                          1.  Premiere Elements 11 exhibits the same behavior which leads me to think there must be some conflicting program on my PC. 

                          2.  Creating a new catalog in the organizer was a good thought, I was hoping this might have some impact as the catalog is woven through both photoshop elements and premiere elements.  Unfortunately, no luck, the problem still exists with a new empty catalog.

                          3.  Using the Movie Menu to add content to the project also also did not make any difference.


                          At this point I don't think finding another way to add content to the project is likely to fix the problem.  Since the problem remained after removing and reinstalling premiere elements, and the problem also exists with premiere elements 11, I'm thinking it is more likely there is some conflict with other software on my PC.  I am going to start uninstalling programs and see if I have any luck with finding something that is causing the issue.


                          Any other idea's are welcome, thanks so much for giving your time to help!



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for going through all that troubleshooting.


                            Did you install any special video or audio codecs or plug-ins? Have any computer security features other than antivirus and firewall(s)?


                            Are you working with a dual monitor system? Any school or company networks involved? Any special Windows High Contrast Theme?


                            I think the best plan right now is for you to explore and experiment with the idea of uninstalling most likely candidates for conflicting programs or 3rd party features.


                            I will keep thinking about this.


                            Best wishes



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                              ibsfox Level 1

                              So I finally fixed the issue, however it was the "nuclear" option.  I completely uninstalled Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements (including the organizer), and Quicktime, then reinstalled each one.  This resolved the issue, though it was a painful and annoying process.  Thanks for your time and help A.T.!



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Very impressive."So I finally fixed the issue....". Great job.


                                I applaud your success.


                                Your follow up is much appreciated and will be added to the troubleshooting tool chest on what to do if Projects Assets will not open.


                                Best wishes



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                                  This appears to be a bug related to window/panel resizing.  I've had the same glitch occur just now, and I'm able to see my project asset list, but it's very narrow.  The project assets window was behaving a little unreliably, so I decided to try the "pin" button.  That apparently locked the list into a view where I can't effectively access the pin button, so it's impossible to change it back.


                                  #1: I suggest patching this.  It seems like a very simple glitch; if nothing else, simply eliminate the pin functionality.  Ideally, I'd like to see a solution which doesn't cause users to have to nuke their installations and start over from scratch.


                                  #2: Barring a patch, please post a reply that notes the location of the relevant config file.  I'm able to see the asset window on any other project except the one I was working on when I hit the "pin" button. Presumably, by deleting the related config file, I'd cause an auto-copy of the default config.


                                  This is a no-brainer; I hope someone at Adobe is listening. I'm not a programmer by any stretch; presumably you folks would have a better solution, but even a band-aid (item #2) would be a huge help in fixing a problem related to your program's malfunction.  Thank you.

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                                    BlackManatee Level 1

                                    Problem solved, at least for me:


                                    It turns out that the configuration file for Premiere (v13 is the one I'm on) is located in a subdirectory of whichever folder is holding your project.  I have my projects saved on the "V" drive, in a folder called "Premiere Projects."  The project itself is called "ProjectPromo."  The folder you want is a subdirectory of that, so in my case, it was at "V:/Premiere Projects/ProjectPromo/Layouts"


                                    Look in that folder, and you'll see a list of files that correspond to the latest saves of each individual project (or project file) you've worked on.  The files will be listed with your project's file name followed by .layout13.


                                    So, in my case, the file I needed to delete was called "ProjectPromo_v25.layout13"


                                    Hope that saves someone else the frustration I went through!

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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      This is not Adobe, rather essentially user to user forum. If interested, you could file an Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form.

                                      Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                                      What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


                                      Are you aware of what the "Pin" icon is supposed to do? The following is an excerpt from my Premiere Elements 12 First Look write up

                                      Pin Viewxxxx.JPG

                                      There are two layouts for Project Assets, Grid and List. They are set by clicking on the Panel Options icon to the right of the Pin View icon.

                                      See Panel Options/View and its Grid and List choices. Are you aware of the above?


                                      Are you aware that Projects Assets panel can be scaled? In that regard, are you referring to narrow Project Assets as seen in the following screenshot?

                                      Project Assets Narrow.JPG


                                      Please detail in what way Project Assets was behaving unreliably. Most of the problems with it involve it disappearing. Apparently yours is appearing but behaving in some way that you feel is malfunctioning.





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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        I did not see your post numbered 14 until after I had posted (post numbered 15).


                                        Glad that your Project Assets problem is resolved.


                                        But, could clarify how the problem manifested itself in your project since you apparently were not dealing with a missing Project Assets palette.