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    Using Plugins with Lightroom 4

    Dave C Mitchell

      Hi all,


      I am using Lightroom 4 and generally have no issues but I am now using Lightroom to operand edit  images in Photoshop and also the NIK plugins. I then need want to see the edited version back in Lightroom when finished.

      This all works well, I just right click on the image, go to edit in & select the program to use.

      This then opens, I make my edits and save it. Now the problem starts.

      When I go back to Lightroom, the original is there, but my edited version is nowhere to be found.

      The original will have for example, 2 x 2 come up when I hover the cursor over it so I know it has been done.

      The real issue is that I have to shut Lightroom down to view the edited image in the film strip. as soon as I reopen Lightroom, there is the edited image where I want it.

      Obviously, this is a real pain.

      I am hoping that it is just a setting somewhere that I am unaware of.

      Can anyone help ???


      Thanks in advance.