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    Problems uninstalling Presenter 9 for Presenter 10

    Bill Sawyer

      Running Windows 7 Pro:


      I have TCS. I was upgrading to the newest version of TCS, which included Presenter 10 vs Presenter 9 in the previous TCS bundle. I was unable to install Presenter 10. So, I attempted to uninstall Presenter 9. No luck. It was not in my Control Panel > Programs. So, I uninstalled it as an add-in PowerPoint. Then, I pulled out all the registry info. Then, I deleted the files. Now, I didn't resort to regedit and file deletion right away. I tried several other options. All to no avail. Presenter wasn't showing itself. So, it could not be uninstalled conventionally. However, after all these things, it still will not let me run the Presenter 10 installer because of previous versions. Please advise.