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    Is anyone else getting a message to login when trying to open Photoshop CC 2014?

    jdXp016 Level 1

      I have a current fully paid up annual (paid monthly) Creative Cloud membership.


      At least Adobe keep emailing me thank me for my monthly payment lol.


      However when I went to open Photoshop CC 2014 this morning, Creative Cloud is letting me down once more,

      by asking that I log in and something about "Terms and Conditions for Trial Software".



      I have had Creative Cloud pretty much since it came out, It's wonderful, but my Asprin intake has gone up

      to combat the headaches lol. Perhaps I should switch to Tylenol


      I am thinking to myself "what are Adobe up to now?"


      It does not help that the system is down for maintenance and support cannot help right now .....


      So is or has anyone else been experiencing this condition?