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    CS6 crashing upon startup (Mac)?


      So the past few days whenever I try to open Photoshop it freezes my whole computer. It doesn't open fully, it just gets to a point on the loading screen where it says something like "startup plugins" (sorry, can't take a screenshot because I'm forced to actually hold down the power button on my Macbook to restart it). I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it as well as deleting all third-party fonts (I have no plugins that could be the problem, just what comes with Photoshop) and the same thing is still happening. I have Mavericks 10.9.4, and I'm pretty sure the problem is with the OS but I don't know how to fix it and I don't want to just wait for the next update and hope that the problem goes away.

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          If your whole computer freezes - then the cause is not an application. Applications cannot cause the entire system to freeze, restart, or shutdown. Only bugs in the OS, low level drivers, or defective hardware can do that.


          Based on your description, I would be looking for a problem with a disk drive of some sort (internal, external, or USB drive).

          We have frequently seen bad RAM, bad GPUs, bad motherboards, and bad power supplies cause the same issues (and infrequently defective CPUs, but that's been a while).

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            Ok, I guess the problem must be my computer although I don't know what exactly it is. I recently installed an Xbox Controller driver to play games on the computer, could that be the issue?