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      I recently got Adobe After Effects, and for obvious reasons, I'm trying to make a YouTube intro. Specifically a minecraft one.


      Being that I've never been on these forums before, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate way to ask, but I'll go ahead anyways.


      I'm trying to make a intro that has a neutral minecraft background (like stone bricks or something) Then, a block of lit TNT will fall onto the screen and stop about in the middle of the screen. The TNT will then explode. About 1 second later, I want the film to go in slow motion, and then zoom into one of the edges of the explosion, there, you will see tiny minecraft blocks. Then, the film returns to regular speed and the minecraft blocks crash into a random wall that is the same as the neutral background. The blocks spell my name out, while the explosion blast flies around the cameras view and finally dissipates. As a final touch, a diamond sword will hit the wall next to my name, the resulting crash will cause small pieces of rubble to fall from the swords entry point.


      My question to you is;


      Is this possible? Or is it just too complicated?


      Do you have any tutorials that you think would help me on a specific subject?


      I've been going through the tutorials, but I'd just like to see if I could work on the skills needed for this exact project.


      Any help is welcome.


      Thanks again for reading,