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    Setting up Finished Job Collections for my work flow

    Mike O'Neill Photography Level 1

      I photograph for Realtors.  I create a Library entry for each agent I shoot for, all broken down by the "date of" and the "property address" for each shoot.

      After a while I've got, sometimes a long list of completed jobs - containing all the images I've used for on that particular "shoot date" and "property shot".


      I want to start using collections. I've watched the movies and read the text, but what I've not seen is:  Can I remove the Library entries that are in my Library's List of each property I've shot from my library?  Leaving just the Agents Name and the Job (the property) I'm presently working on. This leaving all my finished jobs sitting in Collections, for if and when I need them.

      I believe I can, but I've been "bitten" before by Lightroom, by my doing something that causes be a lot of extra time straightening up what I've screwed up.


      What I've discovered, in my case, the collections I create are just a copy of what I have in my Library.  Sometimes I have a long list of jobs I've completed and they're just taking up space in the list, adding to the clutter of the listed jobs.


      As it goes now, I leave each job that I'm working on "open" until I've finished the job, then I close that folder. Often I'll have several jobs I'm working on, which means I've got several jobs open at once - it just adds to the list of jobs I've got - finished and not finished.  all this is just clutter I'd like to not have, What I'd like is to put all my Finished Jobs into collections, leaving only the Open jobs in my Library, less possible confusion.  Thanks.