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    Problem: Selecting 2 individual pages from a 28page doc to print as a a spread...

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      I have been using InDesign today to print off a 28page booklet. I have my document setup per screen grab 1 attached. As I need to print one sheet at a time (in order to turn over to print next spread), I need to select pages in particular that I want to print.

      Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 18.18.13.png

      When going to print, I setup my printer to use A3 paper size, printing landscape. I want to select p.28&1 to print off as my cover. This however does not print off as 1 spread (even though I have selected to print as spreads). How this appears, is to print off 2 pages, 1 sheet with Page 28 and a blank, the other sheet with page 1 and a blank - see screen grab 2 attached. I am unsure how to print these side by side?


      Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 18.18.36.png


      The reason I am printing this way as opposed to selecting 'Print booklet' as I need to rotate sheets of paper, re-load to tray and individually print off spreads in order to make up this booklet. Can anyone assist or advise how to sort this? It prints all other pages as paginate spreads if I select it, just not the first and last pages which are currently single panels in the ID doc.


      Some guidance would be highly appreciated.