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    Transitioning off Creative Cloud.

    Scott Zinda Level 1

      I currently own Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 on CD.   I have also been using Creative Cloud since it launched and have since moved to the Photographer edition of Creative Cloud.


      I am having a hard time justifying continuing to pay for a subscription when I just use Lightroom for 99% of my work, and the tools I use in both PS and LR have been the same for past few years.  The Books and Mapping features are not enough for me to feel like I am getting my moneys worth and I don't need the heavy lifting features of PS. 


      I have read that I can continue using my Lightroom from CC after discontinuing the subscription, is this true?


      Also I am using a macbook pro now and it doesn't have a disc drive.  So I would need to download a copy of CS5.  Adobe seems to have buried these direct download links and I could use some help finding them. 


      Also how long do I have before my versions are no longer supported with updates for new model cameras? 


      Any other advice on downgrading or reasons to stay would be helpful.