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    file size issuess

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      Hi my name is Brian. and I am working on a project.  I have a friend who wants to be a model and she signed up with model mayhem. but is having issues uploading the images to model mayhem. I talked to model mayhem and they say the file size needs to be like this  the file size i gave here before. has always been at 90 percent 72depi.  4.31 mbs. . i also tried to use the file as well. and its giving me an issue. saying its to small or to large. i am doing something wrong in Lightroom and photo shop combination. how do i change my file size in Lightroom when exporting the images to meet model mayhem requirements? and before i upload to photoshop to add water mark.? between the 2 apps. the file sizes are not right.


      Model mayhem requirements.

      Photos must be greater than 200px in width and 300px in height, and 7kb in file size.

      - Photos must not contain more than 16 million total square pixels (e.g., 4000px x 4000px), or exceed 1500kb in file size. Photos wider than 800px will automatically be resized.

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          You would have an easier time if you avoided Photoshop.


          Create an Export Preset that is:


          JPEG, sRGB, 8 Bit, DPI.PPI is irrelevant.

          Long Edge - 800 pixels

          Add Watermark during export in Lightroom.


          Name the preset Model Mayhem and go nuts.

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            bford225 Level 1

            yeah i would but the only thing is. my watermark is brush affect. kinda like i am stamping my watermark on my work. instead of it being a jpeg. on another image. so it wont be distracting. i only use photo shop as a 2nd editor now. and only for advance techniques like cloning, retouch or things that i learned from when i took photo shop class using cs3 back in school. now some students at my college use Lightroom and not photo shop. i know things that they dont.  yeah i have added the watermark to Lightroom but not as a png brush. it would be cool if i could.

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              bford225 Level 1

              i did a lightroom 5 image test with a photo i did i took of  a model. and it worked. the file size is


              320 x 400 at 157 kb

              i am able to upload it on my end. my model mayhem account.  what i did was type in the 400 x 400 px on hight and width in lightroom and i did a preset file size as you said.


              did I do the settings right? or should i do the long edge 800 px. they are asking for the file size to be greater than 200 x 300 px.  and at least 7 kb



              but all i did was type in the width and height. 400 x 400 px and it exported the file as 320 x 400 at 157 kb. that is right ?

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                RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                It is doing what you asked it to do. I see nothing wrong other than you seem to be holding the images to a size smaller than MM will display. If that is deliberate you are fine.

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