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    Can't "import and copy to new location" when importing from another catalog

    erinquigley@mac.com Level 1

      I have a single Master LR catalog on my desktop machine (Mac Pro). When I shoot on location, I use my laptop (MacBookPro retina), with an external HD that stores a temporary "Location" LR catalog and photos. Both machines are running Mavericks. When I return home, I connect the external "Location" drive to my desktop machine, choose "import from another catalog", and navigate to the "Location" catalog on the external HD. Normally I have the option to "import and copy to a new location", so the new originals are moved to my Master image library on a dedicated internal HD in the MacPro. After upgrading to LR 5.6, I no longer get that option in the dialog box. What am I missing? I've done this dozens of times with no problem.Click image for larger version.   Name: Import_from_Catalog_“2014_Tonga”.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 83.3 KB  ID: 5085

      There's plenty of room to move the originals to another destination.