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    How can I fix gaps in a continuous underline?

    dsbruins Level 1

      I've got a landscape document with a text box that's been rotated 90 degrees (so the text goes "up"). The text has underlines that extend up to a custom made image so each piece of text is sort of joined with a specific image. I'm using text-underline to create the line. I customized the weight to 2pt. I'm noticing gaps in the underline at seemingly random points. I've tried using tabs and spaces together, instead of just pure spaces, but the gaps show up in the same places. I don't see any gaps on my screen, but they show up when I print. Any idea what's going on?


      Here's a screenshot on my computer. The lines are continual "text underline" made with spaces (not tabs, but I've tried that and it does the same thing).




      Here's how the image prints. I've added some arrows to show the gaps. Not every line has a problem, but most do. I can't figure out if there's any consistency between the lines that have problems and the ones that don't