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    Packaging .indd

    ottz0 Level 1

      I have a series of forms at work that I create using inDesign. There are about 100 of these.


      All of these forms are using Arial and Myriad and I have a series of tiny .eps icons that are used, so this would add nothing to the file size. Most of these forms are only 2 pages.


      I also have our writers editing content on them and then I check to make sure nothing has fallen off before I PDF. However we have a 3rd party designers for overflow when things get busy and they always insist to package the .indd file using file/package.


      However I prefer to just embed all my images (tiny icons) that add nothing to the file size, They do not need to edit any of these icons. If I have something over size then I make a links folder and send them the link. I prefer to do this so I don't have a million icons spread around in folders, so the images are just embedded so I know where they live and I can relink to them anyway.


      Do you always need to package your inDesign files in a case like this?