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    Webpage Not Available

    divisj Level 1

      I've got a fixed layout epub and am trying to import an OAM published from Edge Animate CC 2014 . I receive the following error on pages where the Oam content is placed:


      Webpage not available


      The webpage at data: might be temporarily down or it may have been moved

      permanently to a new web address.




      • Make sure you have a data connection
      • Reload this webpage later
      • Check the address you entered



      Exporting from Edge Animate CC 2014, placing in a new document created with InDesign CC 2014. I uploaded the exported epub to play.google.com/books/upload, and am trying to view it on my Galaxy Note II running 4.4.2.


      I unzipped the oam file to examine the contents and noticed in the Assets/*_oam.xml file that there is a remark that states "Compatible with InDesign CC ..." does that mean compatibility between Edge Animate CC 2014 and Indesign CC 2014 (as opposed to Indesign CC) has not been verified?