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    Can syncing with LR mobile be easily turned on and off?


      I've got an iPad but haven't tried LR mobile on it yet for the following reason.  The iPad has lots of photos on it which I have received and which I don't wish to edit on the iPad or synch to my desktop, as they are saved to a laptop.  More such photos will be showing up frequently in the future.  I would like to use the iPad to take a few photos and to have the opportunity to edit in LR mobile and sync with my desktop only on those few photos (and perhaps a few that I get from my desktop).  I've got another discussion going on whether the mobile-edited photos actually get to and stay on the desktop (Re: Can Lightroom Mobile edit photos taken with an iPad without using LR for desktop?) - here my question is simply whether I can sufficiently fully control syncing so that only those photos on the iPad I want to edit and/or sync are synced through mobile.


      It is my understanding that any photo taken on the iPad after mobile is set up syncs but there is some way to turn the syncing off.  Can I get a clarification?  How do I turn it on and off?  If I turn it off and then later on will only photos taken after it was turned back on or manually selected for syncing thereafter (for photos not taken in that time period), will the photos taken during the "off" period be synced once the "on" period starts? 


      Obviously, the same question applies to the iPhone.