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    filter by modified date?

    Rapak11 Level 1

      I can't figure out how to filter the catalog by Modified Date. Is it possible? I only see "Date" but that seems to be the creation date. (or IS it??)

      My intent is to search for PSDs, TIFFs or JPEGs that have been changed since a certain date (my last backup, for example).

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          areohbee Level 6

          You can sort by edit time (photo modification date) - would that help? Or do you really mean file modification date?


          The generic "Date" is capture date (date taken, date/time original..) - NOT file creation date (except maybe if there is no capture date - not sure about that part..).

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            Rapak11 Level 1

            Thanks, Rob. That suggestion seems to work.


            I first filter just for the file types I want to find using Library Filter: at the top, Metadata, and under File Type, PSD, TIFF, and JPEG is highlighted, then choose Sort by: Edit Time.


            I am surprised "Modified Date" or "Edit Time" isn't an option in the Library filter, so I didn't think to use a combo of Library Filter PLUS Sort By. This'll do. Thanks!