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    Embeded Images

    woodworker59 Level 1
      No sure if this has been discussed before but does anyone know how RH references images that are used within help topic pages. I have a RH project that has .bmp and .gif images used in many of the help topics. I brought the image in using the image dialog and can see the .bmp file in the main folder directory but when I compile the .chm file it does not seem that the image is embeded in the file but is referenced from the .chm file. One of the reasons I believe this is that the total size of the .chm file is maybe 1.5 MB and I have at least 7 .bmp files which are 2+ MB is size. If I move the .chm file to another machine won't the images turn up as missing? When I look at the propertities of a .bmp image when running the .chm file it appears to be referencing an offset into the .chm file but this size thing has me wondering.

      Thanks for any inputs.