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    Epub Layout issue in Aldiko

    Arvindkmar Level 1



      Request someone to please help me.


      I have made the epub from Indesign CS6 with the use of external CSS. The output is proper in Adobe Digital Edition, but when the same file is viewed in Andriod Mobile (Aldiko Application) there are issues with the file. The Layout of the content is not proper, the codes font is missing, the links are not click-able and the Chapter references are also not working. The Layout of the Table is totally messed up.


      Can somebody please let me know if there are more changes in CSS that needs to done to get the same output in Mobile Device.




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          bhaugen Level 1

          Can you supply the EPUB or a sample EPUB that demonstrates the problems you are having?


          There could be differences between the rendering engine that Adobe Digital Editions and Aldiko are using and to help determine that it would be nice to have a sample.


          Is this an EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 document?


          Have you run your EPUB through a validator (EPUB Validator (beta))?

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            Arvindkmar Level 1

            Hi Bhaugen,


            Thanks for your reply.

            Sorry I cant provide you the epub file, as I the data is confidential.


            It is an EPUB 2 document, and I have run this through validator there are hardly 6 errors of the links that needs to be rectified, but I haven't fixed it in Indesign CS6.


            I can elborate this issues further, I have tested this issue is different types of EPUB reader. The same file displays the expected result in some reader (UB Reader, ePub Reader on Andriod Device) and in some reader its showing a normal text (no defined attributes are seen) (Moon Reader, Aldiko, AIReader).


            How can we can an ePUB where in our file should work on all readers.


            Looking forward for your reply.




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              bhaugen Level 1

              Hi Arvindkmar,


              Is it possible to supply an EPUB that reproduces the issue but is not confidential? This could just be one page with a couple sample links.