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    opening images in external programs from Lightroom

    Dave C Mitchell Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have two questions.


      Firstly - Can someone advise why, when I edit an image in an outside plugin ( right click on Edit In and select the program ), and then when I save the edited image in that program and go back to my Lightroom filmstrip, it is not there.

      The edited image only appears when I close Lightroom down and reopen it. Then the edited image is there alongside the original. Obviously, closing down Lightroom every time I want to edit an image is not ideal.

      I need to be able to open an image for external edits ( CS5 / NIK plugins ) and then see it again when I come back to Lightroom.

      Any ideas ????


      Secondly - this is the 3rd time I have asked this question in this forum. When I check a few hours later, my questions has disappeared, I assume moved down the line.

      where do the older questions go ??? I haven't had a chance to read any answers. There is no " see older posts " button. Whats with that ????


      Appreciate any help.