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    Is it possible to batch rotate imagaes in LR5?

    StephenC Photography

      I do not rotate my images on camera so when I import them into LR the portrait orientated photos do not display correctly.


      I know I can manually select each images and then click to have them all rotate. I'm looking for a way to get round the manual selection process. Is there a way to batch filter/select just portrait or landscape orientated photos? I have tried using the filter metadata filter "aspect ratio". That only gives me the option of landscape photos - I guess because the camera has not included the metadata for portrait because I am not doing in camera rotation.


      Is batch selection of orientation available?





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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Most cameras record the orientation in the image's metadata. LR will automatically read that orientation when the image is imported, and it will display the image appropriately.  It sounds like your camera is not recording the orientation in the image, and if that's the case, there's no way for LR to know what the correct orientation should be in order to rotate the image. 


          What camera? Have you set a camera option to not record the orientation?  If so, why?