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    error code 1723


      i am loading a demo laptop with the robohelp6 trial. eventually, it gives a mesage:

      error code 1723: problem with windows installer package. a dll required could not be run. contact administrator. contact support.

      the problem is i am 'support', and all i can think of is to re-install windows xp. that's straightforward, but annoying. anybody have an idea how to re-install the 'windows installer', or is this message merely hiding something more malignant in the background.

      anything come to mind?

      thanks, ron
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Is the logon you are using the one you will use when using RH and does it have admin rights. I would guess it has but need to check.

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            rlo0323 Level 1

            interesting thought, but it my login to the laptop and to the rh install is the same, and the login has admin rights.

            checking last nite, it seems that error 1723 is frequent, and with other company apps as well, and has to do with an appropriate version of this 'windows installer' app.

            i guess i will follow that thread along for a while.
            seems odd, since i installed the operating system, so you might think that the 'windows installer' app worked for the o/s.

            perhaps rh needs features in the 'windows installer' app that aren't in the version of xp, sp1 that i am using? yet the trial worked just fine on an old win2k server o/s.

            thanks again, ron

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I have a feeling the installer was updated before SP2 so perhaps you can update it separately?