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    Indesign to ePub

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      Can someone please help me with this issue.

      What is the proper way to export a Book to ePub.

      Process 1:

      1) Is it from the Book File, wherein all the chapters are clubbed into a Book.

      ISSUE: The issue with this process is that when all the chapters are exported to ePub via Book then the styles defined in CSS are applied only to the 1st chapter. The other chapters does not have the attributes which we have defined in the CSS.


      When I extracted the ePub file, I noticed that when the files which were exported to ePub only the 1st chapter had the style that we had made in the Indesign and defined in the CSS. Rest all the other chapters had the style in which "-1" "-2" and so on was added after the actual style name.


      For example:


      Paragraph style in Indesign File is : Normal [ARVIND]

      Defined in CSS as : Normal--ARVIND

      Out put in 1st chapter is : Normal--ARVIND

      But the output in the chapters is : Normal--ARVIND-1, Normal--ARVIND-2, Normal--ARVIND-3 and so on.

      Process 2:

      2) Moving single chapters into One single Indesign File.

      In this we have to move all the 10 chapters content to 1 single Indesign file and result is satisfactory. The process is time consuming.

      Request someone to please help me out, which is the best practice to be followed.