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    Lightroom does not recognize external disk in some backups


      Strange thing:


      I have opened LR (5.3)  today. Last time was a few days ago.
      I have 2 ext harddisks. 1st is called WDPhotoDrive with station letter 'F' and 2th is called WDPhotoDriveBackUp with stationletter 'G'.

      This is so since a couple of years. Suddenly LR does not see F anymore in the latest backups. It sees the folders in G, that's a bit strange because they are not there. G is only used for import backup.

      And there are question marks everywhere.
      When I open a backup catalogue from two weeks ago or older then LR recognizes both drives and the folders in the wright drive (F). But then I miss some work from the last weeks of course.

      I really don't know what happened. Last time (few days) ago I just closed the program like always  and with backup.






      The Netherlands