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    Nested Flash movie in flex application

      I would like to use the flash movie in my flex application, but I don't know how can I communicate between flex and flash movie in same application.
      I would like to nest the flash movie in my flex application with SWFLoader component. Is it possible whatever?

      I would like to test this solution with a simple application.
      I createed the simple flash movie in flash, and add callBack method to this movie, what I can call from javascript.
      And it's worked, so I could call Flash method from javascript. I tried the same in flex.
      When I tried to call this method in flex, I got this error:
      Error: Error #2014: Feature is not available at this time.
      I paste the code snippset of this implementation:

      private var fteSM:AVM1Movie = null;
      private function initNestedFTE():void
      fteSM = fteLoader.content as AVM1Movie;

      private function onClick( e:MouseEvent ):void
      Alert.show( txtCallBack.text );
      fteSM.call( txtCallBack.text );
      <mx:TextInput id="txtCallBack"/>
      <mx:Button label="Button" click="onClick(event)"/>
      <mx:SWFLoader id="fteLoader" source="testMovie.swf" creationComplete="initNestedFTE();"/>

      What sould I do to use flash movie in flex application?

      Thank you for the answers.

      Pál Molnár