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    External Style sheets reated outside of RoboHelp

      Hi everyone,

      We use RoboHelp HTML. I was searching for information on whether RoboHelp (X5) allows use of style sheets that were coded outside RoboHelp, using a different editor, or will it cause a conflict with RoboHelps built-in coding. Some developers want us to use a style sheet they use on the regular company web pages (not OLH) and import it into RoboHelp to apply to all the pages.

      I'm concerned that this will cause a problem in RoboHelp, perhaps even corrupt it and cause it to crash since I know RoboHelp uses its own tags and code for pages so an outside style sheet that was never created in RoboHelp may cause issues.

      Please advise and let me know if this is possible. I appreciate the help.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          The style sheet must be within the project but with that proviso, you can use a style sheet coded outside RH. Indeed, I always make a point of editing my style sheets externally rather than let RH put in a load of unnecessary code.

          The only problem is that sometimes such spreadsheets contain some coding which causes problems, usually when it comes to creating printed documentation.

          I would say backup and then try it out. With no guarantees, I doubt it would crash RH or corrupt it. The worst I would expect would be the wrong appearance or some hiccups.