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    How do I create a sequence code for images so LR will recognize it?

    joseph motto Level 1

      I have a large number of images from different years where the file names vary considerably. All of them start with two numbers indicative of the year of the photo, i.e., 45xxxx for 1945, 99xxxx for 1999, 00xxxx for 2000, 08xxxx for 2008. If I knew the month of the image I would go with 9912xx for December 1999, and if I knew the day I would go with 991225 for year-month-day. So I have a big mix. LR will take all of these images and arrange them according to some scheme that I do not understand. Obviously the years prior to 2000 might line up if LR used the first two digits but 00, 01, 01 etc won't be recognized as 2000. So the question is, Is there some relatively simple way that I can add some numbers or letters to each image so that they will line up chronologically the way that I want them? I tried 1-  then 2- then 3- but that didn't work.