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    How Would I Be Able To Copy This Type Of Intro ?

    upcoming youtuber

      Hi Guys, Im Trying To Make an Intro For My Channel But Im Really New To AE. I'm Unbeatable - Pokemon Showdown Ladder Master Series #6 - YouTube This Person I Watch has An Intro And I Want To Learn How Would I Do This ? If you have any video tuts or step by step process on how it would be done ill really appreciate it.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start here, it will take you about a half hour: Basic Workflow

          Then carefully take a look at the intro. Everything that is moving is on a separate layer.

          Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.53.10 AM.png

          There is a background that does not move. The Background is darker at the top than the bottom so there could be a gradient just above the background layer with the blend mode set to multiply. There is a spinning starbrust that has blurred edges (Effects>Blur>Fast Blur for example) that is semi transparent and darker over the dark areas than it is over the light areas so this suggests an Overlay or Multiply blend mode here as well, then there is a logo that scales up and down (scale keyframes) and changes position slightly (position keyframes).


          That is all there is to it. Very basic AE so start with the Basic tutorials I linked to, learn how to add layers and set keyframes then how to render, then build your artwork and practice setting keyframes.