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    Problem (besides getting in touch with anyone from ADOBE via phone!!! worst service!!):


      My LIGHTROOM PROBLEM: When working my pictures in LIBRARY-mode and putting key-words and/or IPTC-data to any picture, there is ALWAYS arbitrarily ANOTHER picture in ADDITION to that I´m working on, which inserts those key-words as well. Sometimes, it is the neighbouring picture, sometimes it´s one far away in the library´s sequence. No, I don´t synchronize! Yes, I know the button "select only the marked ...". But whatever I do, some other picture is always marked (not bright, but pale) automatically.


      The consequences: 1. wrong key-words to pictures. 2. when trying to export, an info pops up to tell me that number xxx has already been exported, showing a totally different file-number. All that creates a total confusion. Who knows remedial actions?


      My systems used: WINDOWS 8 (constantly updated), LIGHTROOM 5 through all modifications so far.


      After having had so many troubles to get in touch with any one from ADOBE via phone until now, I consider to turn to another - and hopefully more service-inclined - provider.