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    Hyperlink edit problem


      I've been publishing a business directory using InDesign for 18 years. Acquired CS6 last year and, with help, directory has been posted as an interactive file with internal and external hyperlinks (more than 1,000). When saving the original document as an .swf file, the command, Convert all URLs to Hyperlinks was used. At that point, all email addresses became mailto:name@url. Publication worked well.


      When I attempted to edit changed addresses in the Edit Hyperlink window, that window opened with the Shared Extension option as default and the box checked. Selecting Email from the drop down menu gives me 2 new, blank windows: Address & Subject. I type the new address in exactly. When I click OK, the @ sign is somehow converted to %40 which is visible in the Hyperlinks window when the cursor is placed on the Hyperlink number. When I upload the saved document to the website, the old address hasn't been changed and only the URL is active. In the 2 instances when the address was corrected, the URL was different from the website URL in the listing. I have tried unchecking the Shared Destination box, but that does not seem to matter.


      I have tried erasing the old address completely, entering the new, but then, when using the New Hyperlink option, the same thing happens with the @ sign. The very competent web designer who helped in the beginning, cannot duplicate the problem and is unable to offer a solution. I'm using a new Mac Mini. She uses a PC with InDesign from the "cloud". If anyone has some experience with or insight into this challenge, please help! My 74-year-old brain's usual Mac "intuition" is failing me on this one.