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    HELP ! Recovering Corrupt (or deleted) Lightroom 5 Catalog

    City where you were born?



      I'm an editor that edits for a wedding photographer.  I recently edited a wedding I finished and sent to her via WeTransfer.  It showed that she opened the file, so I deleted it off of my computer.  A few days later she said she couldn't open the file because it was corrupt (at this point I couldn't resend because I had deleted it as stated).


      She sent it back to me to see if I could try opening -- but every time I try to open in Lightroom it reads:


      Unexpected Error Opening Catalog

      The Catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error.


      Can ANYONE help me recover this file?? I've also tried to run a Data Recovery software to retrieve it from the trash, but it won't recognize .lrcat files (it brought up all of the .jpegs, photoshop, .tiff files etc -- but no lightroom catalogs.


      I REALLY really really don't want to have to re-edit 1000 photos again.


      Thanks so much in advance for any advice xo