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    Frame above/below graphics from reference page to HTML5

    GrossTonnage Level 1

      My situation:

      Several of my paragraph styles frequently reference graphics in anchored frames on the reference page.

      When I publish a document using these styles to HTML5, the referenced graphics do not translate.

      I understand why this happens. However, it forces me to manually import the graphic every time I use the style.

      These graphics are mandated by a safety standard, so I can't just get rid of them for the sake of streamlining my multi-channel template.

      I really don't want to use separate templates for publishing to PDF or HTML5. If I need to do so, is it really multi-channel publishing?


      My goal:

      I want to use the same template and paragraph styles for all of my publishing channels.


      The feature I'd like to see:

      When FM publishes content to HTML5, it either:

      • checks for paragraph styles that reference graphics in the reference pages and migrates those graphics into the HTML source folder, or;
      • migrates all reference page graphics into the HTML source folder.