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    Tiling Videos


      Hello everyone,


      I'm new to Adobe, so I'm sorry in advance for any stupid questions I may ask.


      I'm trying to tile 6 horizontal videos on top of each other to create a vertical 9:32 aspect ratio video.


      Basically, I have 2 x 9:16 screens vertically mounted on top of each other and I can fit 3 tiled horizontal videos in each screen, so what I'm trying to create is one single 9:32 video that plays 6 horizontal 16:9 videos on top of each other.


      Finally, all 6 videos are the same video with a 5 seconds delay between each tile.


      i.e. Tile #1 (top video) will start at 0:00, tile 2 (2nd video from top) at 0:05, tile 3 at 0:10 and so on.


      See below an image that represents the result I'm trying to achieve.


      Can anyone help and explain how I could do this using Adobe After Effects?


      Thanks so much in advance and don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.




      2014-08-11 13_32_57-.jpg

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of hardware you are going to used to play back these two videos in sync. When you do that you will know what kind of files you will need to render. I would start by creating two vertical composition 1080 wide 1920 high. I would stack your three videos in each of these two vertical comps. Then, depending on the hardware you use to playback these videos to your two HD displays I would set up my render queue. The odds are fairly high that you will just need to render out two standard H.264 file that is 1920 x 1080. To do this create two new standard high DEF compositions, drag your vertical compositions into the standard compositions. This will make your deliverable sideways. In other words, the deliverable file will most likely be a standard horizontal hi DEF video. If you were going to rotate the monitors you are playing back counterclockwise then rotate your nested comps 90° counterclockwise. This would put the bottom of the monitor on the right side.


          Let me reemphasize the first point. Before you can figure out how you are going to render this project you need to decide on the hardware that is going to play back your multi-monitor presentation.

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            fnaud Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Thanks for the prompt reply. Very helpful, I could tile all 6 videos quite

            easily. The only thing I need to solve now is how to create a delay between

            each tile. Currently, when the video is rendered, all tiles start at the

            beginning of the movie and I need to have a 5 seconds delay between each as

            explained in my original post.


            Any hint on this?





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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just offset them in the timeline. This is really basic aftereffects and NLE editing stuff. Grab the clip slide it a few seconds that's all there is to it.