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    Problems with Fuji X100s RAW Files in Lightroom

    Sam Rainey

      I recently updated by Lightroom software from LR 4.3 to 4.4.  After downloading the update, LR is able to process RAW files from my Fuji X100s.  However, the RAW files seem to be corrupted.  They each have purple lines going across the image.  This does not happen when I import jpegs from the Fuji camera into LR.  Please let me know what I can do to solve this problem.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The files may be corrupted, and the question is to determine where in the process that is happening. 


          Retransfer the files to your computer and see if the exact same lines appear or if they are in different locations or different photos have the lines.


          Sometimes it can be the card, or cable, or computer memory or computer hard-disk that is failing.


          If you want you can upload one of your files to http://www.dropbox.com/ and post a public download link to it, here, then others can test to see if the same corruption happens for them.  If not then it is likely your computer memory, if so then the data in the file is actually bad and you can try swapping out various components used to transfer the photos from your camera to your computer and see if anything changes.  Usually it is a bad card, though, so that’s the first thing to try a new one of.  Secondly, if you’re using a cable to connect directly to the camera, then try using a card reader, instead.


          It’s also possible that something else is happening that is not obvious from your description, so posting a screenshot in a message, here, can help with the communication of the issue.

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            Sam Rainey Level 1

            I will try posting a screen shot later this evening.  I am using a SanDisk Class 10 memory card and card reader to import the files onto my computer.  If the problem related to the memory card, wouldn't I also be experiencing the same issue with jpeg files or not necessarily? 


            Another difficulty I'm having that might not be related to this discussion occurs when I set the camera to shoot both RAW and jpeg.  I am only getting RAW files when I import those photos into Lightroom.  Shouldn't I be getting two copies of each image (one RAW and one jpeg) on import?



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              JPGs are relatively small, and raw files relatively big, so if there is an issue writing data to the card where it corrupts after a certain amount is written, then the raw file could be the only file with enough data written to it thing that is corrupt.  If every single raw file is corrupted the same way and none of the JPGs seem to be then it may be something else related to raw files on the computer, like the computer memory, or the drive that the camera-raw cache is on, or even a virus-scanner locking a file at the wrong time when it is written or read.  The other thing to watch is that the raw files have an embedded JPG preview in them that may be ok, as well, and only when LR interprets the raw data will the corruption be visible.  The embedded JPG preview is what you see in the Import panel grid and is also what you see momentarily just after you’ve imported, before LR has a chance to recompute a preview from the raw data.


              To see both raw and jpgs in LR then you need enable the LR preference to treat raw and jpg files separately, for future imports so what you’ve already imported will stay the same, until you do a Synchronize on the folder Once you enable that preference then you can synchronize the folder to have LR reimport just the new (newly visible) JPGs. 


              The most important initial test to do is transfer the same set of files from the card to the computer more than once—you’ll have to disable the duplicate checking temporarily—and check if they have precisely the same corruption in each copy of the image or if it looks different.  If it is the same then the data is likely bad on the card.  If it is different, then the photos may be ok on the card and something in the transfer process or the computer, itself, may be bad, and there is hope you can mitigate the problem and get the uncorrupted raw data, somehow.

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                Sam Rainey Level 1

                Thanks.  I did the transfer test you described yesterday and the files looked the same the 2nd time around.  The photo that is linked to this article looks exactly like what I am experiencing: Purple Line through my d300 RAW files - Photo.net Nikon Forum  


                I spoke with SanDisk today.  They suggested that I try copying a RAW file from the memory card onto my hard drive and seeing if the image on the hard drive has the purple line.  If it does not, then it seems like this is a Lightroom issue and not an issue with the memory card.  I also found discussions online where other people have had this same issue and have observed no problem in other RAW file converters.  Here is one example:


                http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php/topic/24201-lightroom-54-glitches-on-my-raf-dng-conve rsions-from-x-t1/

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Fuji is basically saying to use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to copy the images from the card to the hard disk instead of Lightroom, which is one of the variations you should try, yes.


                  Can you upload one of your images that has not been touched by LR or any other Adobe product to http://www.dropbox.com/ so I (or others) can test it?

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                    Sam Rainey Level 1

                    I tried the Fuji recommended fix this morning (downloaded new RAW files from the memory card onto my hard drive and then imported into Lightroom).  It worked.  The photos show no corruption.  I will get a new memory card and try importing directly into Lightroom.  If the RAW files on the new card do not transfer properly, then I suppose it will be fair to conclude this is a Lightroom problem.  I will also upload one of the images to Dropbox for you.  Didn't get to that last night or this morning.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It is good news that the files seem ok when copied via the OS as long as you’re judging this in LR after previews have been computed.


                      Lightroom may use different USB functions to read data from the camera than the operating system does, so there could be something slightly iffy in the USB drivers that fails when LR is reading things its way but is ok when the OS is reading things the other way.


                      I always use a card reader when copying images to my computer, and I never use LR to do the copy.  I do that myself in the OS because I can control the folder naming easier.  I don’t have any reason to use LR’s renaming functions, so I’d rather just do it, myself.  I don’t want to be dependent on any particular program’s idiosyncrasies to determine my naming conventions.  I just leave my image names the same and put them in folders with the date and event/subject/location as parts of the foldername so I can find things without using LR keywords or LR naming scheme templates.