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    Error "we have detected an incompatible display driver"


      I just loaded Photoshop Elements 12 and Photoshop Premier Elements 12 and I get the above error when I try to open the software.  I had plum choice working the technical issue for 7 hours yesterday and after trying all the recommended fixes, it still doesn't work.   If so many people have this error, why the heck haven't they created a fix for this problem?   I need a solution.  This software is totally useless if I can't even open it.   Even Photoshop Elements won't budge.   They tried new drivers, removing the .txt files discussed here, installed all new updates, windows driver arrow stuff and so much more.  I have never experienced this kind of hassle on any other adobe product.  I deactivated 11, still have 10 and CS4.   Does anyone have any suggestions that might work?   I've tried navigating around this forum and tried posting a few times and nothing gets posted.  Here's try four!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >plum choice working the technical issue


          Who or what is plum choice?


          If that is not Adobe chat, how do you know that "plum choice" is qualified?

          Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)


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            threeedogmedia Level 1

            John you appear to be an expert here so I'll have to explain that I am not or ever will be someone that gets into the guts of the machine......I do graphic design and when it comes to glitches in software, I call a service of geeks called "Plum Choice" .  They are skilled in just about anything you could possibly encounter.  This is my option for help on these issues since I can't get to Adobe via phone to get their help.   When I look at the postings from others, many seem to have the same problem that I do and the solutions suggested for their post did not work for my machine.   I realize that this isn't the most expensive software in the world but to have it die right out of the box when other graphic programs work just fine has me very confused as to why Adobe lets this continue.  

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Based on what you have posted in your thread about your preferred troubleshooting routes, I would encourage you or your technical associates to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat. It might be possible for Adobe Chat to offer you some remote control over your computer for troubleshooting purposes. We cannot offer that here.


              Adobe Chat has been undergoing updating, and it becomes difficult at times (most of the time lately)  to find an active Premiere Elements Chat Link.

              See how you do with the link that John provided.


              The following currently has an active Adobe Chat Panel

              Contact Customer Care

              It comes in under Adobe ID and Signing In, but the Chat representative may be able to help you with the display error or connect you to another representative who handles your type of situation.


              Remember, we are not Adobe. Rather User to User.


              If you are within 30 days of purchase of Premiere Elements 12 and you purchased direct from Adobe, you should weigh the merits of getting your money back if you cannot obtain issue resolution from Adobe. The following Chat Panel is open at this writing for refunds.

              Contact Customer Care


              Lots of troubleshooting questions I would be glad to offer and answers explore, but you do not seem to be wanting to go in that direction. If you change your mind, please let us know.