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    Video clips are not sorted by capture date


      I am running a 30 days trial on LR5 as I want to "ascend" from Photoshop Elements / Organizer to PS CC / LR. I noticed immediately that movie clips from my (Sony) digital still cameras don't sort by their capture date/time, but instead put at the bottom of the catalog. This is a no-go for me - I have been used to Organizer doing it the right way for a decade, so the big pro should also be able to get it. The problem is the same in a converted Organizer catalog, and I am not sure I want to pay for a product that fails on such a significant matter.


      I have seem some related discussions about meta-data for video, but not found a solution. Adobe / others, what is the plan or best workaround?


      Kind regards,

      Henrik Hermansen