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    how do i delete created files


      how do i delete files that have been created in trying to get projects started in adobe elements premiere12.  it appears that there are lots of files being created and i am not sure i should delete them.  Nor do i know where they all are at.

      Sorry i am new to this program and new to editing video files.

      i have a macbook pro, 8 GB, 750 GB hard drive 7200 rpm, mid 2012 , osx 10.8.5, not willing to upgrade to 10.9 until it is smoothed out.  They are already on version 4.  new mac user so file structure and locations are much different than pc.

      I have searched internet, not seen any real answers.  have looked in adobe faq.

      Anyone else having this concern or issue?


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >Nor do i know where they all are at


          Look at the program options for temporary and output files to find out where the program is putting files

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            trapple Level 1

            thank you for your input.  i did look at the areas that are being created, but i also have pushed a few buttons like smart movie, render, etc.

            i did find some file folders, but wasn't sure if i should delete the files and folders or just the files.  the folders have similar names to the files.  I was hoping the adobe site would have more information.  i downloaded the manual, but it doesn't appear to have any information or I missed it.  i have looked at the tutorials that i thought might hold some keys or ideas on how to do this.  Seems like this program could be a huge disk space hog.  Thanks again for your ideas.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I am strictly an Elements Windows user, so I am not sure of where to find the exact locations on a Mac for the files automatically created by the project when certain activities are performed. But, I will give you a comprehensive list of what to look for based on a Windows model....


              Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Working with scratch disks


              Preview files..

              generated when Timeline is rendered to get best preview

              for SD project, these are DV.AVI files (I suspect on Mac that they are probably DV.MOV.)

              for HD project, these are MPEG2.mpeg and typically with a companion .xmp file

              Windows Location: Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0


              Conformed audio files

              generated as cfa and pek when imported audio is conformed

              Windows Location: Libaries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0


              Conformed video files

              generated as .mcdb when imported video is conformed

              Windows Location: Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common

              (Can be cleaned and control Edit Menu/Preferences/Media)



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                trapple Level 1

                thank you for your input and the link.  i will look there.  i am worried about deleting files that interact with the present project i am working on.  also i see folders with names on them similar to the files, can i delete those also?

                This seems like it is not a straight forward process.  If i delete rendered files will it affect the project i am working on or just the project the files were rendered against.  Sorry for all the strange questions, just still new to the mac and the programs associated with the mac.  on pc i used AVS4U and Corel VideoStudio Pro 4.  Medium weight editing programs, but were doing the job.  i switched to mac because my friends indicated mac was a better vehicle to do video editing with and the church i attend and volunteer at uses mac primarily.  So trying to be compatible.  hi learning curve.  hopefully will be worth it.

                thanks again.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I am strictly an Elements Windows user but, no bias, Windows is a better choice because of the Windows Only features that the Premiere Elements Mac user runs into. But, one of these days, I need to get a look at Mac to see what it is all about. All that being said...


                  The critical rule is never move, delete, or rename source media that went into a project after the project is saved closed. When you import media into a project, all you have in the project are copies of the originals on the hard drive. And, the project needs to trace back to those originals on the hard drive location where they were when they were imported into the project.

                  Life Saver at times: Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Archiving projects


                  If you delete the previews files, you can re-render the Timeline involved if needed to get the best possible preview in the Edit area monitor. This is just a preview matter.


                  If you delete the conformed audio and conformed video files, the program automatically generates new conformed files when and if the project/program decides they are needed.


                  There may be times, when you need to get rid of the preview files even if there is the potential for having to render the Timeline again. They can pile up fast and you may need the space.


                  Setting up a folder/file setup for each project will be of benefit when comes time to delete a particular project and all its related non source media assets.

                  The default is all files automatically going to hard drive save location and you sorting through Adobe folders for the name of the project that you want to delete.


                  Please review the above. If any questions or need clarification, please ask.


                  Thank you.