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    Unable to find CS6 serial number purchased via school website. [was: upsetting..]


      So, i've been a Cs6 user for about 2 years now purchased the software through my school website that goes through adobe. Everything went great... until just recently my computer was at it's worst and i unfortunately had to reset it to factory settings deleting my cs6 software and i thought i could just come and redownload it through my profile, but ironically they cannot find any records of my purchase and with my computer being cleared i do not have proof of purchase, and i watched horrified as the massive amounts of money to buy the programs goes down the toilet. I am in school, work 2 jobs to pay for my future wedding upcoming in january, expecting a baby in november, and in the process of purchasing a house. my school and work focus on my cs6 use and without it i'm at a strong disadvantage. So i do not have the money to pay for a new software and i'm definately not going to pay for monthly services for something i have already bought for ALOT of money already. I strongly suggest you either pay for the disc copy, or print your proof of purchase because as i had to learn the hard way you CANNOT trust this company to back you up with support after your software has been misplaced on your computer, and until they can find my purchase or assist my problem i will not be using their services as will my friends and family.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe will support you if they can find evidence that you've purchased the software. If they can't, they're at a bit of a disadvantage themselves.


          You can always re-download the software from Download CS6 products


          However, that will install as a 30 day time limited trial version. You'll need to enter your CS6 serial number to license it again on your computer.


          The serial number is what you need to find (then store safely  for future reference).


          purchased the software through my school website that goes through adobe.


          Have you tried going back through where you bought the software? You would have registered the software when you first bought it.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have your serial number, download at previous versions http://www.adobe.com/downloads/other-downloads.html


            If you registered, and you have the same Adobe ID, look at https://www.adobe.com/account.html for your Adobe orders page


            And always make your own backup copy of downloaded software... including a text file with your serial number inside