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    this is crossdomain?

      hiya! can anyone help me? i try to develope active desktop flash at my cybercafe, ok, my problem is..

      i create on my local PC "C:\resource\index.html" & enable/use as active desktop(desktop item/desktop wallpaper) on index.html have SWF content, it's grab from my data server( http://entertainment/Ads/Overlay.swf), when i want call any javascript from Overlay.swf, example: getURL("javascript:alert('blablabla')"), it's cannot run.. can i know why? no any response or error message.. when i run getURL(" http://entertainment/content1.swf") no javascript, it's can run..

      This is call crossdomain? how to run that javascript from flash on DESKTOP?. Help me. TQ. sorry on my language.