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    Adobe Presenter Issues with Quiz


      All quiz questions set as required, all included in 1 of 5 question groups, and when published, I get the message " There are unattempted questions in the quiz. Clicking on Yes will take you out of the quiz. Click on No to continue the quiz", even though I know I have completed (answered) all 20 questions but on the last question, the submit button doesn't forward the presentation to the final results page as it used to.  I have to click yes to get out of the quiz to view the slide with my test results, indicating I completed all 20.


      so two issues:  1) why does it say unattempted questions when all have been attempted, and 2) why doesn't the submit button on the last question work to get out of the 5th  question group and onto the results slide??


      I have since turned off the "unattempted questions" option as a work around.