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    Extension Manager CS6 stealing file associations without asking


      Using OS X Mavericks. Noticed several days ago that after an Adobe update, Extension Manager CS6 had registered itself as my default program to open a large number of file types (CSS, XSL, etc.)


      There are three things wrong with this action: First and foremost, the installer/updater NEVER asked my permission to associate this program with ANY file type. Second, there is no way to change this behavior in the program preferences - I have zero assurance that a future update will respect my preferred associations rather than just stealing them again. Third, I'm now stuck hunting down files to reassociate them with my preferred editors. Whenever I hit one that I missed, and try to launch it in an editor, I get the Extension Manager again - which interrupts my workflow and makes me angry at Adobe once more.


      I'd like to know whether this is going to continue happening, or whether Adobe is going to correct this. Every time I see a file that should be associated with my text editor but is instead is linked to Extension Manager, I want to uninstall the entire software suite.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          You must have mistaken Extension Manager. Extension Manager CS6 only registers itself for .ZXP, .MXP and .MXI file types. It will never register any other file types. You can follow the steps below to check the file type association:


          1. Run /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app.


          2. Copy/paste the following command into Terminal then press "Enter" key:


          /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.fra mework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -dump > ~/Documents/dump.txt


          3. Open dump.txt in your Documents folder. Search "Extension Manager CS6", you would see only .mxp, .zxp and .mxi are shown in bindings.


          4. You can check which applications have bindings upon .CSS, .XSL, etc through dump.txt as well.

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            Dr.Nixon Level 1

            I'd like to agree that I was mistaken, but Extension Manager did take over file types for several scripting files. I changed CSS files back a few days ago so those are again showing as text files, but I also saw it as the default app for opening .conf files and .xsl files. See screenshot attached - Extension Manager icon on .xsl file. I have no idea why it was the default. No one else uses my computer, and I have never personally launched the Extension Manager program. All files were showing as type "Adobe Extension Manager Script" or similar, before I changed them all back to use a text editor as default. The icons are slowly changing back as they become registered correctly again.

            Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.34.53 PM.PNG

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              Same thing happened to me. It was a css file that was highjacked. Thanks Adobe.