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    Handler not found in object #QUEUE

    cratica Level 1
      I get this script error randomly about once every 20-30 times. Basically, the game loads a character and begins an animation. It's at this point where I get the random error. Not sure why it's ok most of the time and why it crashes every so often. Here is the snippet of code. It crashes at any one of the five lines in the caes (because that is random too obviously)

      on girl_idle
      --if girl anim playlist is empty, then fill it with one of the idle anims
      if sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.playList = [] THEN
      -- lean it towards a standard idle by placing 3 of these in the random list
      case random(5) of
      -- standing idle
      1:sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.queue("Group01", 0, 0, 2000, 1, 0)
      -- standing idle
      2:sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.queue("Group01", 0, 0, 2000, 1, 0)
      -- standing idle
      3:sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.queue("Group01", 0, 0, 2000, 1, 0)
      -- look at clothing options
      4:sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.queue("Group01", 0, 0, 20000, 1, 16000)
      -- frames 120-240 - standing, waiting, pull both hands to waist, then exhale, back to default pose
      5:sprite(1).member.model("group01").bonesPlayer.queue("Group01", 0, 0, 22000, 1, 20000)
      end case
      end if

      Anyone have this problem too? I really don't see anything wrong here but maybe someone else knows
      of an issue I don't.

      Thanks in advance,