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    Contact form problem


      Hello Adobe Forums people!!! I have a "quick" question about Contact forms, so I have been reading this post Email form in edge? and everything works really cool, the message, the submit button the forms, I have tried it with less forms too.


      So I made the php file send to my email the form to test it out and for some reason every time I send a form from the website I'm testing it always send me 2 mails of the same form, same names, mails, messages...I'm pretty new on Edge and I have been trying to find something to avoid/prevent to send 2 mails of the same form.


      Also on some lines









      If these lines have "//" (which turn it into a comment) it won't disappear what I wrote on the Contact Form but if I took it off it disappear which is what I want but after send the mail the Contact From area it's not working anymore, I cannot write anything else and I have to refresh the website which I guess my client won't want, so is there any option to fix this? Clear the form after send it and don't "lock" the writing option?


      Thank you very much

      Aldo Quiroz