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    Getting Flex mobile camera or CameraUI?


      1  traditional way of getting flex mobile camera ,we both know that


      cam = Camera.getCamera("0"); //get rear camera of mobile


      cam = Camera.getCamera("1");// get front camera of mobile


      and this way, i can easily push stream to AMS5.0


      but the problem is that , the camera presented in mobile is 90 degree left ,unnormal. how can i get the right view of video



      2 another  way of getting camera is using CameraUI class



      var   cam:CameraUI = new CameraUI();
      //la.text = "您没有安装摄像头";



      i paste the code in fb4.6 above


      this way i get the rear camera of my mobile , but now i don't know how to publish stream to AMS.


      nsOut.attachCamera (cam);   //nsOut is NetStream , this gives me a wrong infomation ,can't attach CameraUI here


      anyone could tell me how to do it ?