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    How do I run a script so that the user does not have to click into and out of a read-only calculated numeric field?


      Hi all


      I have a read-only calculated field, and I want to build actions on it, dependent on what the answer to the calculated field is.


      I have used action builder, and it works, but only if the form filler clicks in and out ("exits") the field, which they didn't have to enter in the first place, because it populates as a result of a previous script.


      To be more precise, The questions asked before this field are:


      Date of submission (submitdate):

      Date of event (eventdate):


      Calculation occurs (days between event and submission), and answer is populated in a field called 'daysbetween'


      Now I have a set of conditions:


      If the daysbetween is < or = 14, then I want a message to come up saying ineligible to apply

      If the daysbetween is >14 and < or = 28, then I want a message to come up saying a fast track fee will be applied, and I want the fast track fee box to be populated, and I want the fast track fee box to appear.


      I used the action builder to get all of this to work, except that it only works if the user then clicks in and out of  the 'daysbetween' field, which they shouldn't have to, because it's already calculated for them


      I feel like I have to put this script in an earlier field...but I don't know where - action builder won't let me do it in the 'eventdate' field


      Thanks in advance