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    playing videos in Mpeg Advace Xtra

      I have just downloaded and installed the Mpeg Advance Xtra for Director MX 2004 for Windows. I am trying to play videos (Mpeg and AVI) and yet, all that happens is the first frame of the video shows up, but doesn't play, yet in the properties play segment is checked. What do I need to do in order to get videos to play? Also, what are the file types that Mpeg Advace Xtra supports?

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          Is your Mpeg Advance sprite on a frame that loops? If the playhead gets
          to that frame, then progresses on, it will do what you are describing.
          If you have not done this already, make sure that there is a frame
          script on the frame with the sprite with code like this:

          on exitFrame me
          go to the frame
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            Ja-rod Level 1
            Thank you for your response.

            The frame that the sprite is on does not loop. Here is the code that I have for the frame:

            on exitFrame me
            cursor 200
            if sprite(2).playing then
            go to the frame
            go to the frame +1
            end if

            sprite(2) is a flash video. When that video ends, the screen jumps to the next screen. The video I'm playing just needs to play while the flash video is playing.
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              I have used this xtra successfully in CD-ROM titles and it works fine. Officially it does not support avi files, but they seem to work anyway. I just put a frame script to hold the playhead:

              on exitframe
              go to the frame

              This is in the script channel in the score.

              Then put the Mpeg Advance Xtra sprite in that frame, and set it up in its properties panel, works great.
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                Have you tried playing the video by itself? I don't know, but it might
                have a conflict with the flash file you're trying to run simultaneously.
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                  GatorGA Level 1
                  You mention in your second post "sprite(2) is a flash video" - is this correct? MPEG Advance doesn't handle Flash Video (FLV), they have to be imported via a SWF file... I have used MPEG Advance Xtra for years with no problems...

                  Michael Hamstra
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                    Ja-rod Level 1
                    My flash files are .swf. Those are imported via a swf file. I got the MPEG Advance Xtra to work. I just had to keep "play segment" unchecked.

                    Now, on a 98 machine, when using the MPEG Advance Xtra, my overlays that normally work with newer computers don't work. The avi sits in front of my overlays. On a 2000 or XP machine, the overlays work. Why is that? The DTS is unchecked.
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                      Ja-rod Level 1
                      Hello again,

                      After spending time revamping my Director project, thanks to all the help I was given, my Director projector, which was once 180 MB, is now only 7MB!!! I moved virtually all of my video files (flash) and images to external folders.

                      Now I have a new problem. Whenever I play a screen that has a flash movie AND a video using the MPegAdvance Xtra, the video is choppy. What could be causing it and how do I fix that?

                      Thanks again,