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    How do I REMOVE "setRGB" once it's been applied?

    BrettArchibald Level 1
      OK, so if I've set the color of a movie clip to change via AS on a button press, like so:

      var my_color:Color = new Color(my_mc);

      How do I then get it to revert back to its original state when I press another button?
      The Flash Help files didn't take me past this first step...

      Please note that the movie clip in question is is not one color as such... It's a movie clip containing several objects of varying colors and shades.
      When I DO set it to a color on the first button press, that's because I want it to be turned into a silhouette type thing. But then when I press another button, I want it to revert back to it's original NO-color state which shows off ALL its various colors...

      Can I not REMOVE the "setRGB" once it's been applied?