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    change email adobe ID

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      I'm having trouble changing my AdobeID e-mailadress to log in with. When I change it in my settings, I get an error saying no changes could be made at this point and/or an error saying an verifiation e-mail was sent to my Inbox, but there is none.

      I want to change my e-mail of my AdobeID because currently I have 2 AdobeIDs, and I want to change the e-mail of my current AdobeID into my new e-mailadress (because I've linked this AdobeID with my Behance profile which I have used for the past years), and delete my second AdobeID so I have one AdobeID linked to one Behance profile.

      Yet so far I have not accomplished one of the two. What do I have to do?


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